funktel DECT networks

A maximum in flexibility for any work situation and any premises

Greatest flexibility for optimum communication

The system is based on a state-of-the-art multi-cell DECT radio network that flexibly combines voice and data communication (messaging, localisation, etc.). In addition to wireless DECT connectivity, the components communicate via standard IP connections in the LAN, allowing the system to be integrated into existing infrastructures or expanded flexibly and cost-effectively with commercially available components.

The IP-based DECT over IP system from Funktel is an ideal platform for implementing a reliable and professional communication infrastructure that integrates cordless DECT mobility, fast messaging and emergency call functions into existing IP telephone systems.

The scalability of the system allows the radio coverage to be adapted through the use of a wide variety of system components and antennas. This ensures reliable radio coverage even in places that are difficult to access, e.g. indoors:

  • Indoor areas in buildings
  • in complex industrial plants
  • in halls and tunnels
  • in cellars and machine rooms
  • in hazardous areas
  • and also in extensive outdoor areas.

High-End Messaging Functions

  • Integrated messaging functionality with 200 alphanumeric characters per message
  • Delay-free transmission within the DECT network
  • Priority can be set in 10 stages
  • Individual settings for each priority level
  • User-set handset display background colour and flashing function
  • Vibration function for messages
  • Various tones and sound volumes
  • “Muting over-ride” function
  • “Cancel emergency call” feature can be set for each priority level
  • Ring duration individually adjustable (1-240 seconds or until manual abort)
  • Additional dynamic broadcast messaging with individual text messages to cordless subscribers as well as groups
  • Fully complies with the requirements of commercial accident insurance DGUV Rule 112-139: (DIN V VDE 0825-1)