gsm s PNA system

Personal security solutions using public mobile networks

Unlimited mobility with maximum security

The GSM personal emergency signal device gsm-s has a large, red emergency call button (pressure alarm) as well as a high-quality sensor system for position alarm, time alarm and quiet alarm ( deadman's control). A cyclical function check (life check), automatic sensor test on registration and a guard control mode complete the security mechanisms. Of course, all alarm types can be parameterised individually. In the event of an alarm, a voice connection is established and an alarm SMS is sent; also with a location indication by the in-house localisation transmitters. The central alarm unit can also trigger functions such as "open listening" and "hands-free" or activate the integrated signal transmitter for acoustic localisation.

By using stationary, battery-operated radio beacons, the location of an alarming person is determined indoors and outdoors and handed over to the helpers. The alarms are displayed and processed graphically on a plant map or site plan at the alarm centre. All processes are also precisely logged there.


  • GSM voice communication and personal security in a single device and conforming to the German statutory health and accident insurance system (DGUV).
  • Large red and clearly identifiable emergency call buttons
  • Position and no-motion alarms
  • time alarm
  • Acoustic signalling via pre-alarm
  • Voice call and SMS transmission in the event of an alarm
  • Localisation with localisation transmitter
  • Localisation with gmt GPS vehicle transceiver(1)
  • Alarm forwarding also possible without GSM network using the gsf remote control module(1)
  • Acoustic localisation with a 120 dB SPL loudspeaker
  • Open listening, no-hands operation and vibration alarm
  • Unit parameter setting via remote maintenance
  • Durable casing
  • Protection class IP65


  • Dimensions: 155 x 44 x 25 mm
  • Mass: 115 g
  • Protection class: IP65 (water-tight & dust-proof)
  • Temperature range: 
    • Operation: -10°C ... +55°C
    • Charging:     0°C ... +45°C
    • Storage:    -25°C ... +70°C
  • Power Supply: 3.7 V lithium-ion storage battery, can be charged in corresponding charging unit
  • Stand-by time: 
    • gsm s Ex:          40 hours (typ.)
    • gsm s Ex plus:  20 hours (typ.)
  • GSM:  Dualband 900 / 1800 MHz, 3 V SIM card
  • Acoustic elements:
    • Loudspeaker: open listening, hands-free mode
    • Microphone: omindirectional 
    • Signal generator: 120 dB SPL
  • Operating elements:
    • large push buttons: Alarm and voice call control
    • small push buttons: on/off switch
  • Localization ISM-Band(1):
    • Downlink frequency (gsm, gmt): 869,6875 MHz(2)
    • Uplink frequency (gsf): 869,2125 MHz(3)
    • RF nominal output: 5 dBm (typ.)
    • FSK modulation: ± 3 kHz … ± 4 kHz
  • Localization using funkwerk gso beacon transmitter(1):
    • < 10 location points: plain text SMS or GSS operator console software
    • > 10 location points: only GSS operator console software
1)  Only with/in combination with gsm s plus
2)  Reserved for “Alarms”
3)  Reserved for “Social Alarms”