Solutions for Energy Suppliers

Wide areas, secure communication, automatic alarms

Safety and Communication in Energy and Water Plants

The utilities sector includes many energy generation and supply companies, such as power and water plants and the water treatment and sewage plant industry. For applications there, Funktel offers combined communication and personal security systems based on DECT, TETRA or GSM infrastructures. 

Here, mobile devices with integrated sensor technology for automatic and manual alarm triggering, combined on request with location transmitters and the Funktel Secury application, which makes it possible for people seeking help to be located precisely to the area and floor. 

Each alarm message is transmitted to the central server or control centre together with the location information and can be displayed on a stored building plan. This will ensure immediate assistance and follow-up.

Monitoring or voice connections to the employees affected by the alarm can be set up and even remotely controlled from the control station. In addition, a voice connection to other security and telephone subscribers can be established at any time. All alarm processes are completely documented for later evaluation.