The new funktel DECT handset range are the result of decades of experience and the technical expertise of funktel, as well as the latest developments in the fields of ergonomics, energy management and user prompting.

The funktel DECT series ranges from solutions for office settings, but also comprises of highly robust mobile units for hazardous working environmente. All DECT handsets offer wireless telephony, messaging, along with the Security versions that can be integrated into personal emergency signaling systems.

The FC4 EX handsets offer intrinsically safe versions approved by ATEX directives for use in potentially explosive industrial environments.

The FC4 Security handsets are personal emergency signaling units designed to protect persons working solo or in potentially hazardous areas or situations. Programmable sensors for both manual and automatic alarms along with functions enabling localisation with area and room accuracy in addition to all of the funktel user-friendly telephone functionalities.

During the development of these units attention was focused on the requirements of users who work alone and requiring a high level of personal security (in accordance with the BGR 139 regulations of the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association) — for example, workers in the oil and petro­chemical industry, in prisons and psychiatric facilities.
The durability of the products and the range of useful accessories available ensure a high degree of investment security.

A further benefit can be found in the short return of investment period due to savings made in both time and costs thanks to the reduction in reaction times and decision processes.


  • DoIP, I1/3/5, GAP, I55 compatible
  • Innovative user prompting with intuitive menu structure
  • LED signal LED and counter for unread events
  • Illuminated, abrasion-resistant keypad
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 
  • Covered headphone socket
  • Accessories