Security for Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industry

Location Solutions and Certified Personal Security in Hazardous Environments

Reliable and secure communications in heavy industry sectors

In the oil, gas or chemical industry there are high demands on communication and safety technology. Starting with ATEX explosion protection for gas and/or dust and robust mobile devices, solutions tailored for employees with a wide variety of functions must be applied. 

The safety of the working person is always the priority - there are guidelines for this, especially for dangerous individual workplaces. 

Thus, the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) has described specifications and guidelines for the use of personal emergency signal systems in DGUV rule 112-139 (formerly BGR 139) based on the DIN V VDE V 0825-1 (11) standard. 

Which infrastructure is best used for these systems will be clarified by us in a planning and consulting discussion. Funktel offers communication and personal emergency signal systems based on DECT, TETRA or GSM - all very powerful and from project planning, installation and maintenance - everything from a single source.