funktel FB4 IP TX

Fibre optic DECT radio base station for high-performance networks

The FB4 IP FX base station enables the implementation of a high-performance DECT/IP communication network over fibre optic cabeling according to a wide variety of individual requirements and circumstances. All cordless telephony functions of the central IP telephony system are supported by the fibre optic base station, connected to the patch panels and switches.

Integrated contacts enable the greatest possible range of technical installations to be connected to the FB4 IP FX. With its DECT messaging information, the FB4 IP FX can be used to relay specified events or conditions of each contact, such as temperature measurement devices, filling-level indicators, door contacts, motion sensors, etc.


  • Full 12 Channel FB4 FX
  • 10 channels for Speech (8 if DSS/IMS is installed)
  • 1 Channel for Synchronization, 1 Channel as a Bearer
  • Supports external Power Plug; Max. Cable Distance 2.000 m
  • Showing Status via LED
  • Input Contact (open or closed)
  • Two connectors for external Antennas


  • Dimensions: 203 x 155 x 27 mm approx.
  • Temperature range: Operation: –10 ... +55 °C / Storage: –20 ... +60 °C
  • Power supply: 230 V plug-in power supply
  • Contact interfaces: Contact connection for the relaying of local data, which can be switched via a contact, such as temperature reports, fill-level indications, door alarms, motion-detectors, etc.
  • Ex-preparation: Prepared for Ex-Zone 1, Ex-Zone 2
  • Network connection: Ethernet FX


  • Interface-Standard IEEE 8092.3u – 100BaseFX Fibre Interface
  • Network cable LWL with LC jack
  • Multimode fibre 62.5 / 125 mm (max. 9000 m) 50 / 125 mm (max. 5000 m)