funktel IOS452

Exact Localisation within funktel personal security systems

In security systems, exact position information is required for the localisation of persons in danger, especially inside buildings.
Only by knowing the exact position is a fast, targeted help measure possible.

For years, funktel has had the necessary know-how and offers the optimal solution for indoor applications where GPS positioning is not possible.
This location is based on the clever placement of a number of inductive location transmitters (IOS) whose identifiers can be received and evaluated by all funktel-Secury mobile devices.

In combination with the Funktel personal emergency signal system an exact position determination with map representation on the screen of the operator station is possible.


  • Room- and floor-accurate positioning
  • Fixed installation also possible in masonry or floors
  • Built-in ferrite antennaup to 2 external antennas can be connected (ferrite or loop)
  • 1 or 2 independent position identifiers 
  • Adjustable configuration via radio
  • Requires only an external power supply (230V ~ or 24V = depending on the device version)
  • Monitoring of the device function via Powerline or 2-wire


  • Transmission power: each branch adjustable in 16 steps
  • Dimensions: 120 x 58 x 226 mm
  • Power supply: 230V ~ or 24V = (variants)
  • Transmission frequency: 65.536 kHz, inductive
  • Channel width: 10 kHz
  • Range: depending on transmission power, antenna type and version (approx. 0.4 to approx. 6m)
  • Number of transmission branches: 2 (also possible as one output in bridge circuit)