funktel Nucleus.ASP

The integrated safety and communication platform: High End Critical Communication

From in-house messaging to a security concept for law enforcement: the Nucleus.ASP by funktel is a highly flexible and reliable communication platform for every conceivable industrial and administrative safety concept - for all sectors and for any size of system. Our internationally-recognised expertise in safety systems (critical communication) and 50 years of practical experience formed the foundation for the development of this new, universally-applicable platform.

Funktel Nucleus.ASP is a scalable real-time solution that supports all relevant industrial radio networks (DECT, TETRA, mobile radio) as well as all the safety functions of personal emergency signal (PES) systems and integrates them in a single flexible system.

Professional performance and safety features are supported and can be adapted to the situation on site with total freedom: e.g. silent alarm, automatic position and dead-man alarm, automated text messaging, guard monitoring, self-testing of terminals in terms of functionality and radio communication, among many other requirements.


  • Telephony with call control for any industrial and safety-related environment
  • In-house automated messaging, as  desired
  • Comprehensive safety functions (alarm when unconscious, silent eavesdropping and many others) with VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) and BGR (German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association) certification
  • Precise and redundant indoor device localisation (Bluetooth and inductive radio beacons, DECT base and radio cell localisation, multi-system satellite localisation) Localisation with OpenStreetMap linking, scalable from factory premises to transregional coverage
  • Integration of existing industrial radio networks (DECT, TETRA, mobile communications) with network-neutral messaging
  • Interfaces for all types of technical systems (door openers, intercom and fire alarms and many others by means of actuators, sensors and IP interfaces)
  • Graphic, intuitive configurator with quick setup of persons, groups, signal chains and processes as well as actions and/or macros for demanding tasks
  • Up-to-date, graphic alarm control point with intuitive and ergonomic interfaces
  • Unambiguous logging of all events in a central log management system