we repair climate-neutral

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection


Climate protection is our responsibility 
at heart!

With responsibility into the future! Each device 
will be climate-neutral repaired!

Your contribution to climate protection!

The importance of repair for ecological, social and economic sustainability is our motivation. If you are serious about the topic of "sustainability", there is no getting around the repair! 

Repairs extend the service life of equipment and prevent a lot of waste!

Production and disposal of electrical appliances require a great amount of raw materials and energy. E. g. a mobile phone contains up to 30 different, sometimes valuable metals and rare earths, the mining of which causes major environmental damage in China, Congo and South Africa. 
According to the German Environmental Aid (DUH), in the scrapped mobile phones in Germany alone, there is 1,000 tons of copper — enough to pull a cable that would stretch two and a half times around the globe!

By repairing, you help protect the environment and contribute to global climate protection.



We would like to take up the topic of "throwaway society" and make a contribution to sustainability through a greater variety of possible repairs. We are committed to sustainability and climate protection. For this reason, our processes and structures have been optimized, and we have received the climate-neutral seal of approval we are striving for.
Energy savings and resource-conserving actions are our top priorities. Therefore, as a next step, we will only use 100% recovered paper for all correspondence and invoices, introduce climate-neutral web hosting and further adapt our processes to reduce energy consumption.

Year after year we plant new trees. This measure compensates for our CO² emissions.

Our partner for climate protection: NatureOffice.com