funktel GSM Security System

The personal security system for the most demanding requirements: Certified, easy to install, reliable.

The new GSM Security System by funktel: Maximum mobility, optimal protection, low capital investment.

You use today’s nearly nationwide mobile network coverage (GSM) for optimal mobility and the rapid set-up of security solutions in factories or on industrial sites, as well as for mobile applications. Emergency assembly points can be established simply, quickly, cost-effectively and practically anywhere.

The GSM Security System enables the rapid safeguarding not only solitary work places but also all types of industrial applications including those at remote locations, on greenfield construction sites, for a sales force or the logistics sector: funktel GSS is an individually configurable personal emergency signal system that uses available GSM coverage as a platform for your customized security solution—flexible, safe and highly scalable as required.

Alerting, localization, voice communication and alarm messaging offer the greatest safety for your employees.

Equipped with an alarm app, the robust PES handsets transmit personal alarms that have been triggered manually or automatically to the alarm control point as well as broadcasting alarm messages to additional PES devices. The location determined by means of satellite (GPS) can then be defined precisely by means of battery-powered, easy to install Bluetooth beacons—for optimal protection in hazardous environments.

For areas in which the PES device cannot use a GSM network, (such as basements, tunnels or shielded areas) a data and localization connection can easily be upgraded via WLAN.


  • Complete PES system with its own alarm control point for the safeguarding of solitary work places indoors and outdoors
  • Certified by the Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association (Germany) in accordance with DGUV 112-139 / DIN VDE V 0825-1 / -11
  • Delay-free relaying of all alarms via the mobile network with WLAN fallback
  • GPS satellite localization
  • Indoor/outdoor area localization by means of easy to install
  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Alarm messaging with prioritized call modes
  • Alarm triggering with automatic set-up of the
  • GSM voice connection, receipt and reset function


  • Self-monitoring of the complete system
  • Guard management function (optional)
  • PES system handsets with
    • Dedicated emergency call button
    • Extensive sensors for automatic alarm triggering Position,
    • man-down and time alarm
    • Robust Android operating system with alarm triggering app
    • that cannot be deactivated
    • Dust- and waterproof (IP68)
    • Life check: Self-monitoring by cyclic self-testing of function,
    • alarm sensors, battery and network availability
    • Nucleus.ASP alarm system server with ergonomic
  • control point work station
  • Integration of interfaces for switching contacts, technical alarms and many more possibilities