Correctional Institutions

Penitentiaries - Detention Centers - Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals

Safety in Penitentiaries and Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals

Prisons and forensic clinics require constantly monitored security systems that must be available around the clock.  Due to the degree of danger to the employees, personal emergency signal systems with high safety requirements are used - in particular a reliable and very fast transmission of personal alarms to emergency services and the security centre is important. An exact localization of the alarmed device after an alarm has been triggered, combined with specialized features such as the carry-over or hostage-taking function are fundamental. In addition, special functions developed specifically for the needs of prisons, such as intelligent guard control functions or SEK workstations.

We will clarify with you in a planning and consulting discussion which infrastructure is best used here. Funktel offers tailor-made personal emergency signal systems based on TETRA or DECT, often combined with digital BOS in-house supplies, which are required by fire brigades and police forces.