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funktel presents its newest GSM PES system

funktel presents new certified GSM PES system with industral Smartphones

Salzgitter, November 2020: The new funktel GSM Security System enables the rapid safeguarding not only solitary work places but also all types of industrial applications including those at remote locations, on greenfield construction sites, for a sales force or the logistics sector: funktel GSM Security System is an individually configurable personal emergency signal system that uses available GSM coverage as a platform for your customized security solution—flexible, safe and highly scalable as required.

The new GSM handsets for funktel GSM Security System are compact and light but also extremely robust, thanks to its IP 68 protection level. The robust Android operating system, which cannot be tampered with by the user, protects the devices from problems caused by software bugs or automatic updates.

The shape of the housing and the classic keypad enables single-handed operation even while wearing gloves and without checking visually—thus offering optimal operating safety in comparison with smartphones with touch screens. In the case of environments at risk of an explosion—such as the utility or chemical sectors—an ATEX-certified version is available in the form of the IS320.1 Ex.

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